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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

RENOVATIONS COSTS GUIDELINES According to Houzz and Home Survey, 77% of homeowners say they have a budget in mind when going into a renovation, but nearly 50% go over budget. The Appraisal Institute recommends a "budget" that you can use to help evaluate approximate costs of remodels based on the VALUE of your home: Kitchens: 15% - 20% Guest Bath: 5%-10% Master Bath: 10%- 15% Other Rooms: 3%- 5% Various other factors play into costs as well such as individual selections, layout changes, and unforeseen issues once the "walls" have been open. Lastly, "get what you pay for". Choosing a Contractor or product based solely on "cost" is not necessarily the best way to go if you wish to add value to your home!

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