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Richard & Kathy D.

We feel fortunate to be able to have Leo's type of expertise and dedication when we want to have work done to our home.  Leo and Kris are the epitome of the "can do" attitude from getting you a timely, accurate quote to the final cleanup

Dustin M.

The level of quality Leo expects from every person working on his job is always high and he will not accept anything else.  The work performed is of the highest quality and well thought out prior to commencing the project

Nancy & David D.

Leo was very easy to work with from the start.  He was in constant contact with us and updated us on a regular schedule.  We cannot say enough about his knowledge and workmanship and feel lucky to have had him recommended to us.

Keiser bath2.JPG
Frank & Henriette G.

Beyond our complete satisfaction, we were impressed with Leo and his wife Kris.  They were easy to work with and provided the utmost of guidance and confidence throughout the project.  Even after completion, Leo was always available for assistance and consultation.  The establishment of solid relationship is such that we would be delighted to provide anyone contemplating working with DeRoos2 to use us as a solid reference

Robert W.

DeRoos2 is a quality and client devoted contractor, does high quality, detailed work, is very easy to work with and puts up with a lot of nit-picking from their clients (at least in our case😊)…their experience and knowledge of building code compliance in higher quality condominium buildings/associations is invaluable!

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